Top 4 Reasons to Start Surfing

There’s an infinite number of reasons why surfing is great and why everyone should get into it. These are my top 4:

1) Surfing is cool

Blue Crush was a huge hit, everyone knows who Kelly Slater is, and I’ve seen people wearing rash guards on the streets of Montreal. If you want to be more cool, start surfing. Teach your dog to surf and your cool level goes through the roof.

2) Surfing is good for you

The health benefits of surfing are endless. Surf trips will ruin your bank account, but they’ll also do wonders for your well being. Surfing is a full-body workout and provides great cardiovascular exercise. You’ll be more relaxed, more tanned, and less fat. Just look at this guy:

3) The Ocean is awesome

Surfers spend an insane amount of time sitting in the ocean doing absolutely nothing, which is part of the enjoyment of surfing. Staring at the horizon, waiting for waves and being completely useless to society is very fulfilling.

4) Be a rad old person

Your grand kids’ friends will admire you when you’re old, sunburned, and spending all your pension on surf trips. Then, when your spouse divorces your for spending all that money, you’ll be able to pick up younger people because you’re still fit.

We can help you become a surf addict. Just join one of our Costa Rica surf camps.

~Mitch Martin, Beach Travellers Costa Rica surf coach.